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tv   Good Morning Washington at 430  ABC  February 8, 2013 4:30am-5:00am EST

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and the big blizzard headed to the northeast. thanks for watching everybody. have a great friday. enjoy your weekend. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington" on your side. >> residents across the northeast stocking up on food, shovels and other supplies on what could be a record-breaking snowstorm. some areas could see two feet of snow. friday february 8. >> we bring the workweek to an end it. what kind of weather will we see? let's get to jacqui jeras. but a little bit of everything. rain in washington, d.c., but a winter mix of to the west.
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it is in the shenandoah valley and up along the blue ridge where we see the winter mix. leesburg is getting snow at this time. so is martinsburg and winchester. that will last for about the middle of the morning. just rain in the d.c. a good handle on where the transition zone is. little accumulation will be was we are hovering around the freezing mark. bridges could ice up easily this morning. use a lot of caution if you are in the winter weather advisories own. rain and maybe a little mixed by noon.
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we do expect windy conditions tonight. a great looking weekend ahead. details on that and just another few minutes. >> the bridges ramps, and overpasses is where we tend to have accidents. i had a couple of cameras lined up to check it out for you. we do have some of the heavy rain coming down the. some of the sleek reported. be very careful. this is downtown silver spring. i thought i would show you how what it actually is. your travel lanes are open. maryland and virginia. >> 4:32. several schools have already cancelled classes as that region
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prepares for the monster storm. >> more than 2600 flights this saturday. amtrak says the northeast trains will stop running this afternoon. >> all eyes are on the northeast as a storm is a barrelling in that direction with estimates it could pick up 2 1/2 weeks -- feet of snow. it will make save travel nearly impossible. >> accumulation is expected to be swift heavy and dangerous. >> the storm already struck the midwest blanketing chicago with snow. from new york to boston and beyond, preparations are under way. crews loaded up salt trucks and are ready to hit the road. >> it will probably be four days, which is tough on anybody. >> there is a lot of work ahead.
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6,300 miles of streets to plow. what's more than two under 50,000 tons of salt on hand. >> residents brace for the storm even though the have not recovered from the devastation left behind by super storm sandy. >> we are trying to batten down the hatches if any storms are coming. >> new england residents rushed out to stock up on essentials. >> bread milk, a snow shovel. our snow shovel breaks. but the fire department was called in because there were too many people there. many schools and businesses are closed. >> stay with us for the latest on the winter weather. will have updates on facebook as well as the twitter pages.
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jackie terrace will join us in a few minutes with another look at the forecast. >> webb led to a deadly shooting in capitol heights. the victim was dropped off overnight at fire station 39. the person was taken to the hospital and the pronounced dead. new details as soon as we get them. at the one hang your club on branch ave. police have not said if they have made any arrests at this point. we are waiting to learn the name of a man hit and killed by a car in montgomery county. >> this happened at 10:30. the man was trying to cross the southbound lanes when he tripped and it then was hit by a car. he died at the scene. the driver did remain on scene
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and corporate with officers. >> charges are pending against a texas driver accused of hitting a pedestrian and left the scene. he was arrested near the southern metro station. the taxi belongs to the airport cab company. the victim is said to be 15 or 16 years old and was critically hurt. >> police at the university of maryland are looking for someone behind an armed robbery. he pulled out a gun and demanded her property. if for cash, gift cards and other items and he ran off. >> there may be more full length featured films on the youtube then you think.
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>> linda bell joins us. >> we are hearing and parts of new york city they are already long gas lines. many people bracing for possible power outages. more than $28 billion of damage over the past 20 years or so. this makes them the third largest cause of catastrophic property damage behind hurricanes and tornadoes. if you are looking for cheap entertainment, maybe you want to try youtube. hundreds of full-length films have recently been uploaded to the most popular website generating hundreds of millions of the use. the wall street journal says for
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some unknown reason the media companies have not yet begun using the content id program to block them but it did remove some after the journal asked about it. we do know the d.c. housing market is red hot right now. when is the best day? i will have that story and more coming up in the next hour. >> thank you. we are looking at 33 degrees outside. >> learn how michelle obama plans to honor a teenager from chicago who was killed about one week after taking part in the inaugural parade.
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>> welcome back. a live look outside it. the rain is still coming down. >> you want to get started a little bit early today because of the rain. especially if you're west of the metro area toward the blue ridge. serious weather coming down there. a winter weather advisory in
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effect just outside of the district. toward how -- howard county and loudoun county. snow coming down at this hour in places like winchester. go ahead and send me a tweet and tell me if you are getting snow or sleet or a little bit of everything. it is just ran in d.c. and everywhere off to the east. accumulation can be expected. well under 1 inch. 34 degrees is your temperature in washington. 32 and winchester. when your at the freezing mark, it could give little dicey. our forecast for today, light rain for the metro. a winter mex. everybody should be seeing some rain 40-45 degrees. we should see some wraparound
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snow showers on the backside. it will be a blustery saturday. there is your we can forecast. things are looking awesome for sunday with warmer temperatures. that is the latest on the forecast. right now, let's check on traffic this morning. >> right now, i do not have any incidents reported. we are off to a quiet start. the rain and sleet, let's take a look at a couple of cameras around the region. virginia, fairfax police -- and set free. we are still running okay through manassas on the outside beltway. connecticut avenue and beach drive, you can see on the bottom of the screen the rain is really coming down. here we are in downtown silver
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spring. back to you. >> the first school delay of the day to announce. loudoun county schools on a two hour delay. >> the lights went out not long after that. >> i was tired.
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>> the search for a former los angeles police officers suspected of killing three people and threatening to kill others is focused in san diego. the station is hearing reports of a massive search underway on an indian reservation. christopher dorner's truck was found near a ski resort. he was accused of killing a the daughter of a police officer her fiance, and another police officer. brianne carter will have a live report of 5:00.
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michelle obama is traveling to chicago to attend the funeral of a teenager killed one week after taking part in the inaugural parade. she will be laid to rest tomorrow. investigators say she was not yet another victim of the ongoing gun violence that has plagued chicago. >> the first soldier killed in combat will be laid today. aaron woodmen died when his unit was attacked. -- whitman had died when his unit was attacked. a ceremony will be held for joshua weissman. the ceremony will be at 10:00 at the alexandria fire department
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professional development center on 1108 jefferson street. >> a pedestrian was killed by an amtrak train in fairfax county. >> it hit the man thursday evening. nearly 230 passengers were on the tray and. the train was at a standstill for about seven hours as investigators cleared the scene. investigators dealt with mechanical problems. it resumed its trip around 2:00 this morning. a farewell ceremony will be held for leon panetta. president obama and general martin dempsey will hosted the ceremony. panetta has served since june of 2011. >> give yourself plenty of extra time if you are writing the red or orange lines this weekend.
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>> redline trends well single track. orange line will single track. much more on the web site >> 4:50, let's check in with jacqui jeras. >> the weekend is looking great. today we will have to get through. saturday will be a bit on the windy side. everywhere east is just liquid. nothing to worry about. parts of montgomery county and to western fairfax is where the transition zone is. we did see some sleet this morning, but it sounds as if the online between the user brain the snow. we do have winter weather
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advisories in effect for all of these areas until 10:00 this morning. time is up with a could meet again today. 32 at dulles. temperatures hovering around freezing. things can get a little icy. here is the first system coming at us from the south along with a cold front of the north. this will bring the monster northeaster. we are getting off easy over all. this will be a major event for people in the northeast. travel and possible late today and into tomorrow. breezy conditions on saturday at high pressure builds and. we should see plenty of sunshine. on friday things will be looking better when hopefully you are not working. >> at least you are saying it is friday and not monday. it has been relatively quiet.
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in upper marlboro, reports of a car that spun out into a guard rail. northbound on 301 before pennsylvania avenue. for everybody you just want to be very careful. here is stafford. >> thank you. >> we could learn more about the power outage during the super bowl. details on who is holding an emergency meeting this morning. >> the power and influence of the fastest-growing minority in the united states.
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>> the new orleans city council utility committee that regulates energy new orleans will hold an emergency meeting this morning. >> that is to investigate the outage that delayed the sunday puzzle game by half of an hour.
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there are expected to provide a report on what caused the outage. jacoby jones appeared on jimmy kimmel. >> he felt he should have gotten the mvp, but he said flacco deserved it. >> what that guy had been through and being, if you look at the post season with 11 touchdowns and no interceptions sweet. >> jones said his mother cooked for the entire team. that amounted to 150 plates of gumbo, potato salad macaroni and cheese, and the bread pudding. >> that sounds amazing. barbara boxer and a barber feinstein made good on their bet. since the 49 hours a lost, they
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delivered a napa valley wine in the, sourdough bread, and a selection of northern california cheeses on capitol hill on thursday. >> we are seeing week after week that the "scandal," is a big hit. nine of the top-10 trending topics was scandal related. >> it turns out the wardrobe is a main character. he did not have to go broke copying her style. we have an inside look at the fashion on scandal. >> interesting. will you get some pointers from it? >> i will insure there is coming up. >> another setback in efforts to install cell phone networks
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